Shift + I in Maya default keys isolates a selection, but has no hotkey assigned to bring it back. The reason, I believe, is that people prefer to make isolations within their prior isolations, instead of having it toggle. I personally prefer the latter, using it a lot to temporarily hide things as I work on a specific area. Going to the current panel’s Show > Isolate Select > View Selected was a little too tedious for me, so I mapped this script to a key.

For those who have no idea how to map it to a key:

  1. Go to the Hotkey Editor

    Hotkey Editor

  2. Paste the MEL Script to a new custom command

    Paste MEL Script

  3. Assign a hotkey to the custom command. I chose the default and overrode the default. Take note that they keys are case sensitive–Capitals require you to hold shift.

    Assign a Hotkey

26 thoughts on “Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya”

  1. Thanks! This makes things so much easier, holy crap, asking for help from a teacher is much more difficult than this.

    1. As I mentioned, that’s probably because most Maya users are used to the default settings, isolations within isolations, while people coming from soft are more used to the toggling, and keep looking for it in Maya. Anyway, glad it’s helping people out.

  2. Had to throw a thanks out for this. This should be a default button in the UI, it is actually usable now. I pair it with shift+i to initiate and a click to toggle off. Good stuff. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the great post. I enjoyed your comment on user workflow habits, and how Soft people are used to toggling. I heart softimage, and have been trying to improve my generalist maya skills (which unfortunately includes maya modelling *gag*). I needed my toggle function and you have helped me achieve that!

    1. Softimage does look a bit dated and simple on first look compared to other 3d packages, but I think that’s also part of what wins you over. I haven’t been using Soft (been using Maya), but it’s only because of the demand. If it had a stronger hold on the market, I can definitely see myself switching back.

      By the way, it’s nice to see a VFX person still working on her generalist skills. Good luck and keep up the good work!

    1. Oh Thanks Emad, I didn’t know this. It does require an extra step (the deselect) as opposed to using this script, but is certainly good to know. Thanks for the tip! Cheers!

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