Softimage offers so many tools that make modeling easier. One handy tool is being able to move the pivot point temporarily by pressing and holding down ALT. For those using ALT as their navigation key/for those who are using the Maya key setup, nothing happens when you press and hold down ALT, obviously. And because the “ALT” key is a hotkey modifier in the key preferences, you can’t see what command is mapped to the pressing and holding of ALT in the default Softimage key setup. After messing around with the hotkey editor, I finally found it–The command is “Edit Transform Tool Pivot”, found under the “Transform Tool”. Simply assign that to your key of choice and you’re good to go.

3 thoughts on “Temporarily move object pivot point in Softimage when using ALT as navigation key”

  1. awesome. saved my nerves. Still one problem remains. Alt can open alternative menu (it has merge command there). Any idea how to get that menu whan alt is nav key?
    ps. I cant find Merge from hotkey editor.

    1. Hi Kait,

      Wish I could help, but unfortunately I haven’t used Softimage for quite a while now. I use Maya and no longer have access to Softimage, so I have no way of checking it out.

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