UPDATED APRIL 21, 2017 – removed that error when no selection is made before hitting the commands.

One of the tools I miss from Softimage when using Maya is the ability to select the Triangles and N-Gons with a click of a button. Apparently, in Maya you have to go to Mesh > Cleanup or Select > Select Using Constraints and then tick the right values within the right component mode. More than two clicks is too much and confusing for me, so I slapped these scripts on to my shelf. It selects all faces that are either N-Gons or Triangles, highlights them, and then outputs a count via the command line.

For Triangles:

For N-Gons:

Note: It only processes the object(s) you have selected. If you do not have any selection then it will process the entire scene.

5 thoughts on “Select N-Gons and Tris in Maya”

  1. Thank you this script is really helpful. Its nice to find someone trying to add some softimage functionality to maya.

    1. Hi Alfred, glad to know it helped you out. It’s not really adding Softimage functionality because it is there in Maya as mentioned in the post, just not as simple and straightforward as Soft. Don’t know about the other people, but it’s one of the tools I abuse when modelling.

  2. Your website is really useful, thanks. I wonder if you know how to select only ngons from a object which is mixed with tris and ngons. Currently, im looking for a command or script for that. Kind regards

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