In the past, I’ve mostly used SVN for version control. Outside of work, I used Google Code, and was more than satisfied with it’s SVN Repos. If you’re looking to work on a private project though, Google Code is not an option. I can’t be the first to find myself wanting to migrate from Google Code to BitBucket, arguably the best option for private repos. The thing is, BitBucket uses Mercurial and GIT, not SVN. Bitbucket allows SVN import, but I just found out that it only imports the final revision and omits the history.

I looked at several methods on how to migrate my existing project with the history, but had little success. Some had issues, while the rest just plain didn’t work. I thought the migration would be easier, and it seemed the opposite was true–until I used SmartGIT. SmartGIT is free for non-commercial use and also offers a 30-day free trial. It supports both SVN and GIT–all I did was checkout my SVN repo, and it automatically set the project up for git. I pushed the project to bitbucket and just like that, I was done. And it retained the history!. This has got to be the easiest method to migrate SVN to GIT, take this monkey’s word for it.

Note: You might have to link the users/setup aliases if you want to link the previous revisions.

For those looking to do it manually/have a lot of time/are masochists these links might help

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