When plugging in textures and trying to view them in Maya’s viewport, sometimes you’ll notice that there are transparency issues. The shaded looks fine, even the render, but when the texture view is on (whether you’re on default, high quality, or viewport 2.0), you get the image below.

Maya Transparency Issue

This seems to happen when you have a texture with transparency (the alpha gets plugged in automatically in the Transparency slot when using standard materials upon plugging in the diffuse) and you don’t have Polygon Transparency Sorting on.

To fix this, go to the viewport, Click on Shading and check Polygon Transparency Sorting.

Maya Transparency Issue 01

Your model should render fine in the viewport with transparency after turning on this setting.

Maya Transparency Issue 02

6 thoughts on “Maya Viewport Texture Transparency Issue”

  1. Alternatively, you can go into the material settings in Hypershade and disconnect the alpha/transparency nodes, which is a much more “real” solution as opposed to hiding it.

    1. If you’re using Viewport 2.0, you’ll need to go into the viewport options and change the Transparency Algorithm to Depth Peeling, this should sort it.

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