FileZilla is a favorite among designers, webmasters, etc. because it’s reliable, constantly updated, and open source. I’ve never had a problem with FZ, but that changed today. I normally use the Site Manager for easy access.

Due to an emergency, a friend asked me to upload something to her website. Not wanting to remember her login information, I logged in using the Quick Connect fields instead of the usual Site Manager.

FileZilla Quick Connect

Connecting prompted a popup, asking if I wanted to remember the password, which I thought meant the current information that I just put in the Quick Connect fields. After doing my friend the favor, I went back to the site manager to connect to my own, and surprise!–the password field was empty. Thinking I must have accidentally deleted it by

mistake, I put in the password and got greeted by another surprise:

FileZilla Site Manager Cannot Remember Password

It was then that I realized that the setting (which admittedly, I didn’t read thoroughly), meant that I just toggled the remember password feature for the Site Manager as well. All 13 passwords I had were deleted, and I had to retype them, which wasn’t much of a problem. But if i had done it in my work rig, we would’ve been talking 40+, which would be a drag to collect and retype. To toggle back on the remember password–simply go to Edit > Settings > Interface and uncheck Do not save passwords.

Do Not Remember Passwords

As for the lost pass passwords, looks like you’re up for some heavy typing exercise. I researched about this a bit and it seems that the official forum says this isn’t a bug, and that it behaves as it should. Although I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this is poor design, we might be a minority. And since the first post on that thread complaining about this issue was posted more than a year ago (which was several revisions ago), it looks like it’s here to stay. Might be best to stay away from the Quick Connect altogether, especially if you’re like most impatient people who just click and click next. Enjoy typing back the passwords.

One thought on “Filezilla – Site Manager cannot remember password/lost all passwords”

  1. Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous. No warning at all that my dozens of FTP sites were going to have all their passwords deleted. No warning that the setting was going to be changed without my knowledge. Not happy about this at all.

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