After deciding to do some Android Development, I found AIDE, which allows you to develop Android Apps on your Android device itself. It does the job amazingly well, but despite that, the lack of a full physical keyboard limits the my speed, so I use it only to do some minor coding when I’m on the go and then bring it back to Eclipse. Sounds bulletproof, but when I tested out an app that I developed in Eclipse, I got some errors–some special characters in my code weren’t recognized and got turned into “�” (e.g. €, ¿, ¡, etc.) . I tried retyping them in the android device, only to find out that it changes into a bunch of garbled characters when I bring it back to Eclipse.

Turns out that Eclipse’s default encoding is ANSI, and all you have to do is set its default encoding to UTF-8. You can do this by going to Window > Preferences > General > Content Types. After that, working and syncing between Eclipse and AIDE should work flawlessly without any problems.


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