Long pressing the Home button on Android devices by default results in the launch of Google Assistant (or Google Now). I’m not sure how many people use that shortcut, but when I do, it’s only by accident, and so I’ve always found it annoying.

That annoyance went up another level when I started to pair my Android devices to a bluetooth keyboard (specifically the Logitech K380). The keyboard is awesome and all (with Home, App Switch, Back, etc. on the keyboard’s function keys), but the start button defaults to the Google Assistant App. Due to muscle memory, I kept pressing the start button to get to the launcher desktop or app drawer, ending up with a Google Assistant launch. Disabling Google Assistant didn’t do a thing–It still launched the app with a prompt to re-enable it.

Eventually, I found out how to disable the Google Assistant launch hidden in the settings. To do so, go to Android Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Device Assistance app > Device Assistance app (Not a typo, nested inside the Device Assistance app option is another menu labeled the same, where you can set your app of choice for long press or bluetooth keyboard start button).

Applications > Default Applications

Default Applications > Device Assistance App

Device Assistance App > Device Assistance App

Device Assistance App > None

I set mine to none, so nothing happens now when I long-press Home or press the start button. I still often press the start button on my bluetooth keyboard by accident, but at least nothing pops up now and I don’t get distracted.

For those who use Google Assistant/Now, depending on your device and launcher, you can just map it to another shortcut so it doesn’t get in the way.


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