Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya

Shift + I in Maya default keys isolates a selection, but has no hotkey assigned to bring it back. The reason, I believe, is that people prefer to make isolations within their prior isolations, instead of having it toggle. I personally prefer the latter, using it a lot to temporarily hide things as I work on a specific area. Going to the current panel’s Show > Isolate Select > View Selected was a little too tedious for me, so Continue reading “Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya”

Select N-Gons and Tris in Maya

UPDATED APRIL 21, 2017 – removed that error when no selection is made before hitting the commands.

One of the tools I miss from Softimage when using Maya is the ability to select the Triangles and N-Gons with a click of a button. Apparently, in Maya you have to go to Mesh > Cleanup or Select > Select Using Constraints and then tick the right values within the right component mode. More than two clicks is too much and confusing for me, so I slapped these scripts on to my shelf. It selects all faces that are either N-Gons or Triangles, highlights them, and then outputs a count via Continue reading “Select N-Gons and Tris in Maya”