WordPress – WP_Query with Custom Post Type and Pagination results in error 404

It’s been a while since I developed themes for WordPress, so when I dived back into it, I expected to run into some issues…and I did. One of the problems that stood out due to the long hours I spent trying to figure things out was my wp_query with a custom post type and pagination. Continue reading “WordPress – WP_Query with Custom Post Type and Pagination results in error 404”

Maya Python – Select Objects with Selected Object(s) Material

UPDATED MARCH 18, 2016 – Output script information to the bottom command line after realizing there was a way to print there using Python.

select Objects with Material

One of the commands I heavily rely on aside from the much abused toggle isolate for selections is the Select Objects With Material command of the Hypershade. I usually hide/isolate stuff based on their material while modeling and unwrapping. Sometimes I even assign temporary materials to have selection sets/groups (There are better ways but it works and it became a habit, and having them on bright colors helps visually). It’s really such a convenient tool, but what I’m not a fan of is having the Hypershade open, right clicking the Material of your preference, and clicking on the command. When you work with a laptop like me, you’ll know that real estate is very precious. Continue reading “Maya Python – Select Objects with Selected Object(s) Material”

Eclipse to AIDE–some characters not recognized

After deciding to do some Android Development, I found AIDE, which allows you to develop Android Apps on your Android device itself. It does the job amazingly well, but despite that, the lack of a full physical keyboard limits the my speed, so I use it only to do some minor coding when I’m on the go and then bring it back to Eclipse. Sounds bulletproof, but when I tested out an app that I developed in Eclipse, I got some errors–some special characters in my code weren’t recognized and got turned into “�” (e.g. €, ¿, ¡, etc.) . Continue reading “Eclipse to AIDE–some characters not recognized”

Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya

Shift + I in Maya default keys isolates a selection, but has no hotkey assigned to bring it back. The reason, I believe, is that people prefer to make isolations within their prior isolations, instead of having it toggle. I personally prefer the latter, using it a lot to temporarily hide things as I work on a specific area. Going to the current panel’s Show > Isolate Select > View Selected was a little too tedious for me, so Continue reading “Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya”

Select N-Gons and Tris in Maya

UPDATED APRIL 21, 2017 – removed that error when no selection is made before hitting the commands.

One of the tools I miss from Softimage when using Maya is the ability to select the Triangles and N-Gons with a click of a button. Apparently, in Maya you have to go to Mesh > Cleanup or Select > Select Using Constraints and then tick the right values within the right component mode. More than two clicks is too much and confusing for me, so I slapped these scripts on to my shelf. It selects all faces that are either N-Gons or Triangles, highlights them, and then outputs a count via Continue reading “Select N-Gons and Tris in Maya”