Using the Blue Snowball USB Mic with Android Devices

Snowball Blue

The Blue Snowball USB Microphone has been around for a long time now, thanks to it’s simplicity and superb recording quality. Originally intended to work with desktop computers (the official website lists the product as a “Plug and Play Product with Mac and PC”), I found myself wondering if this little spherical gadget would work with a mobile phone or tablet.

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Disable Google Assistant or Google Now Launch on Long-Press Home or Keyboard Start

Long pressing the Home button on Android devices by default results in the launch of Google Assistant (or Google Now). I’m not sure how many people use that shortcut, but when I do, it’s only by accident, and so I’ve always found it annoying. Continue reading “Disable Google Assistant or Google Now Launch on Long-Press Home or Keyboard Start”

WordPress – WP_Query with Custom Post Type and Pagination results in error 404

It’s been a while since I developed themes for WordPress, so when I dived back into it, I expected to run into some issues…and I did. One of the problems that stood out due to the long hours I spent trying to figure things out was my wp_query with a custom post type and pagination. Continue reading “WordPress – WP_Query with Custom Post Type and Pagination results in error 404”

Maya Python – Select Objects with Selected Object(s) Material

UPDATED MARCH 18, 2016 – Output script information to the bottom command line after realizing there was a way to print there using Python.

select Objects with Material

One of the commands I heavily rely on aside from the much abused toggle isolate for selections is the Select Objects With Material command of the Hypershade. I usually hide/isolate stuff based on their material while modeling and unwrapping. Sometimes I even assign temporary materials to have selection sets/groups (There are better ways but it works and it became a habit, and having them on bright colors helps visually). It’s really such a convenient tool, but what I’m not a fan of is having the Hypershade open, right clicking the Material of your preference, and clicking on the command. When you work with a laptop like me, you’ll know that real estate is very precious. Continue reading “Maya Python – Select Objects with Selected Object(s) Material”

Migrating from Google Code SVN to BitBucket GIT

In the past, I’ve mostly used SVN for version control. Outside of work, I used Google Code, and was more than satisfied with it’s SVN Repos. If you’re looking to work on a private project though, Google Code is not an option. I can’t be the first to find myself wanting to migrate from Google Code to BitBucket, arguably the best option for private repos. The thing is, BitBucket uses Mercurial and GIT, not SVN. Bitbucket allows SVN import, but I just found out that it only imports the final revision and omits the history.

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Filezilla – Site Manager cannot remember password/lost all passwords

FileZilla is a favorite among designers, webmasters, etc. because it’s reliable, constantly updated, and open source. I’ve never had a problem with FZ, but that changed today. I normally use the Site Manager for easy access. Continue reading “Filezilla – Site Manager cannot remember password/lost all passwords”

Maya Mental Ray Contour Rendering not rendering Wireframe

On one of my projects, I tried to render my wireframes using contour rendering. I followed the instructions from Ayan Ray’s post “The best way to render wireframes in Maya“, but didn’t have any wires showing up. After troubleshooting, I found out that no wires would render when using Unified Sampling. Continue reading “Maya Mental Ray Contour Rendering not rendering Wireframe”

Maya Viewport Texture Transparency Issue

When plugging in textures and trying to view them in Maya’s viewport, sometimes you’ll notice that there are transparency issues. The shaded looks fine, even the render, but when the texture view is on (whether you’re on default, high quality, or viewport 2.0), you get the image below.

Eclipse to AIDE–some characters not recognized

After deciding to do some Android Development, I found AIDE, which allows you to develop Android Apps on your Android device itself. It does the job amazingly well, but despite that, the lack of a full physical keyboard limits the my speed, so I use it only to do some minor coding when I’m on the go and then bring it back to Eclipse. Sounds bulletproof, but when I tested out an app that I developed in Eclipse, I got some errors–some special characters in my code weren’t recognized and got turned into “�” (e.g. €, ¿, ¡, etc.) . Continue reading “Eclipse to AIDE–some characters not recognized”

Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya

Shift + I in Maya default keys isolates a selection, but has no hotkey assigned to bring it back. The reason, I believe, is that people prefer to make isolations within their prior isolations, instead of having it toggle. I personally prefer the latter, using it a lot to temporarily hide things as I work on a specific area. Going to the current panel’s Show > Isolate Select > View Selected was a little too tedious for me, so Continue reading “Toggle Isolate Selected in Maya”